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Meet the Browns

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Like previous Tyler Perry movies, Meet the Browns was not screened for critics — at least not in the U.S. Philip Marchand of the Toronto Star either attended a press screening or a preview not intended for the likes of himself. “Viewers at the screening I attended laughed uproariously” at one of the character’s malapropisms, he writes. “To this hilarity I remained indifferent,” he added, “and [also] to Perry’s manipulation of plot for maximum emotional effect.” Nevertheless, he concludes, “It would take a stony critic, however, to dismiss entirely the movie’s tribute to the virtues of perseverance and generosity.”


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21 FACTS!Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) is a math whiz studying at MIT who gets recruited into a shadowy group of equally talented nerds led by a former professor (Kevin Spacey). With their amazing ability to keep track of numbers, the group heads out to Las Vegas to take part in an elaborate blackjack-card-counting scheme that can potentially win them millions from the casios. Loosely based on the bestselling nonfiction book Bringing Down the House.

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