21 FACTS!Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) is a math whiz studying at MIT who gets recruited into a shadowy group of equally talented nerds led by a former professor (Kevin Spacey). With their amazing ability to keep track of numbers, the group heads out to Las Vegas to take part in an elaborate blackjack-card-counting scheme that can potentially win them millions from the casios. Loosely based on the bestselling nonfiction book Bringing Down the House.

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21 movie

21 is a movie based on the experience of 6 MIT students who learned to count cards in secret MIT classroom meetings. They ended up winning millions by playing blackjack in Las Vegas casino.

Making the 21 Movie

The movie was shot in Las Vegas and Boston. In reality, most of the MIT Team members were asian but in the movie they are portrayed by white actors. Many thought of this as Hollywood trying to appeal to a wider audience and had a “stereotypical” casting process.

Release Date: March 28, 2008

Genre: Drama

Studio: Columbia Pictures

Actors: Kevin Spacey (Mickey Rosa), Jim Strugress (Ben Campbell), Kate Bosworth (Jill Taylor), Laurence Fishburne (Cole Williams), Aaron Yoo (Choi), Josh Gad (Fisher), Lisa Lapira (Kianna), Jack McGee (Terry)

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