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2008 MTV Movie Awards

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The MTV Movie Awards debuted in 1992 and immediately made its reputation by poking fun at mainstream Hollywood.

In 2008, the tradition continues with the funniest & most goofily entertaining awards show of the year which aired live on MTV on June 1, 2008.
Nominees were announced in early May for the 17th annual show, honoring a current crop of best movie performances – and the coveted Popcorn Award given in such categories as “Best Kiss,” “Best Villain,” and “Best Comedic Performance.”
Top contenders this year include “Superbad” which led the nominations for Best Movie; Best Comedic Performance (Jonah Hill); and three nods in the Best Newcomer category for Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Michael Cera.
The “Arrested Development” actor also picked up a Best Male Performance nomination for “Juno, ” which is also up for Best Movie, Best Kiss, and Best Female Performance for Ellen Page.
Traditional favorites included Johnny Depp – up for Best Comedic Performance in Pirates of the Caribbean (and also competing as Best Villain in Sweeney Todd with Angelina Jolie in the same category for her monster performance in Beowulf) ; Matt Damon for Best Male Performance and Best Fight in The Bourne Ultimatum; and Will Smith for his star turn in I Am Legend.
This year, Mike Myers hosted from Universal City’s Gibson Amphitheatre in California. This was Myers’ first appearance since hosting the awards show in 1997.

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Movie Details for Quid Pro Quo – June 13 2008

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Genres: Thriller Drama
Release Date:
6/13/2008 EXCL. NY/LA
Distributor: Magnolia Pictures

Production Company: HDNet Films, Sanford/Pillsbury Productions
M.P.A.A Rating: R
Running Time: 82 minutes.


Nick Stahl, Leonardo Nam, Rachel Black, Jessica Hecht, Jacob Pitts, Ashlie Atkinson, Jamie McShane, Pablo Schreiber, Jeane Fournier, Carmela Marner
Phil LaMarr, Matthew Carey, Ben Siegler

Movie Synopsis:

“I don’t remember any of what I am about to tell you.”

ISAAC KNOTT is a Public Radio reporter in New York City who begins to recount a story about himself on the air. When he was eight, his mother and father died in an automobile accident that left him in a wheelchair.

Continuing his story, Isaac recounts how he recently received an anonymous tip from someone identified only as “Ancient Chinese Girl.” She tells him a perfectly able-bodied man walked into an emergency ward downtown, and attempted to bribe a doctor into amputating his leg.

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