Finally, some good movies!

That’s amazing how life can turn everything its own way. Just like in these two movies opening today. Both of them tell us about two people who find themselves in new circumstances. They both have their own stories and their own reasons to escape, but life or destiny, whatever you call it, brings them together and helps them find answers. The only term to follow is they must stick together to change their lives for good. And find what they’re looking for, of course.

Eagle Eye starring , , , and is a thriller about two strangers thrown together by a strange call from a woman they have never met. Jerry Shaw (LaBeouf) has just lost his twin brother and Rachel Holloman (Monaghan) is a single mom, so they suddenly find out they’re fitted up as terrorists, and are threatened into becoming members of a group aiming to assassinate a politician. They must stick together to find out what’s really happening and why they’re involved.

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