Fashion and Style through Films

Catherine Zeta Jones

Mask of Zorro Catherine Zeta Jones

is a successful actress and she is very beautiful woman. She has the ability to dazzle in her film roles. Her professional and personal life is constantly discussed in media.

The most recent story when Catherine, 39, appeared in public looking horrible surprised all of us. But it didn’t antagonize us from her. Moreover, we probably started to love her even more when we realized she was an ordinary person with the same problems millions of others have.

has always dressed well and now I offer you to take a look back at her fashion and style over the years, through some of her film choices…

The Mask Of Zorro (1998)

When Catherine played her perfect part in this film she became a great star not only in the UK, where she had already been famous, but also in Hollywood. Opposite the gorgeous , Catherine looked wonderfully wearing the corset.

Chicago (2002)

This film by was a peculiar sensation. She played hot Roxie.

She looked like a megastar with her smokey eyes, bob cut and the flapper fashion. Perfect role and perfect looks.

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One Response to “Fashion and Style through Films”

  1. My husband is in love with her, sigh. She was fun in Zorro. Nice article.

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