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Johnny Depp As The Mad Hatter Alice In Wonderland

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According to this is the first pic of Johnny Depp’s character ‘the Mad Hatter’ from the upcoming Tim Burton movie Alice in Wonderland.

Depp will appear alongside co-stars Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Michael Sheen, Mia Wasikowska, Matt Lucas, Crispin Glover, Stephen Fry and Alan Rickman.

The film is written by Linda Woolverton and based on the Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland. It is set to be in theaters on March 5, 2010.


I Am Legend 2

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Right about now I bet Will Smith and the group of studio suits responsible for the ending of I Am Legend are wishing they’d gone with the alternative version squirreled away in the film’s DVD extra features. If you’ve seen I Am Legend then you know that at the end of the theatrical version, Will Smith’s character very clearly dies.


He blows himself up to buy time for someone else to escape with the cure. In the alternate version which wasn’t used, he lives and drives off to fight another day. So when they started work on a follow up to the film, word was that it would be a prequel since, with Will Smith dead, a sequel would be nearly impossible.

Now it looks like they may have done a complete about face. According to a scooper at AICN they’ve scrapped they’re prequel plans and decided to make I Am Legend 2 a straight up sequel. Rather than taking place in the middle time period we didn’t see in the first film, when the plague is just taking hold and there are groups of survivors, the next movie may take up right where the last one left off.

Does that mean Will Smith won’t be in I Am Legend 2? That seems unlikely. He’s the big draw to this project, without him it becomes barely better than a direct-to-DVD sequel. He’s also involved in developing the second one, which wouldn’t make any sense if it’s not something he’s going to star in. No there’s probably something much worse going on here. Somewhere in Hollywood a team of writers is sitting around thinking up ways in which to undermine the original movie’s already awful ending by thinking up some lame excuse for Will Smith not to be dead. He was blown clear of the explosion! An accident with one of his experiments, which happened entirely off camera, gave him superpowers! He’s a ghost wreaking vengeance on those nasty mutants who did him wrong! Insert your own lame, soap opera like reason for him to live here. It probably won’t be worse than whatever they come up with. Let’s hope this rumor gets debunked, and soon.


Sean Penn On The Life And Death Implications Of Milk

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Sean Penn On The Life And Death Implications Of Milk For Sean Penn, the story behind his latest movie, and the character he plays, is much more than a fascinating piece of history–it’s a matter of life and death. The actor, never known for being shy with his opinions, spoke sharply even through a cold during a New York press conference last week, saying that Harvey Milk’s premature death likely caused the death of millions more.


I think less people would have died of AIDS [if Harvey Milk had not been assassinated],” Penn said. “ I think Ronald Reagan would have been forced to address it. [Milk] was a leader, and he happened to be focused on the gay movement. He would have advanced that argument a lot sooner. I think people are dead because he died too soon.”

Penn also had some strong words for California voters who supported the recent Proposition 8.

“If we could have no excuse for being ignorant in human history, then the punishment for support of Proposition 8 would be minimally manslaughter. There will be teenage boys who will hang themselves [because of this].”

Penn wasn’t the only Milk cast member with an opinion at the press conference, so check back later for more thoughts from Josh Brolin, Emile Hirsch, James Franco, Alison Pill, director Gus van Sant and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.


Movie releases November 26

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– Australia

– Four Christmases

– Milk (limited; expands: Dec. 5; expands: Dec. 12)

– Transporter 3

Jennifer Aniston Covers NY Times Magazine

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Jennifer Aniston opens up about her TV and movie career in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine. Here are some highlights via Us Weekly:

On her new movie’s title:

“I wish it was She’s Just Not That Into. Unfortunately, it’s He’s Just Not That Into You. The other would be more empowering.”

On finding success after Friends ended in 2004:

“I thought I’d never get movies.”

On landing her role of spoiled Rachel Green: “[It was] the first time I felt like part of the cool kids.”

On watching Friends re-runs on TV:

“There are times I don’t even remember that particular show. This is horrible to say, but there are times when I laugh my rear end off. And I get in debates with people who are over and say, Friends is not my thing.’ Excuse you!”

On if Friends would be a hit today:

“Hard to tell — that was a different time. Now TV has too much to do with celebrity. We have reality television, where people try to become celebrities….”

Aniston’s next comedy, Marley & Me, costarring Owen Wilson opens on Christmas Day.


Robert Pattinson is the sexiest

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And one more thing about . It’s not only that he’s a man of the day, he’s also ranked the hottest male movie vampire, according to a poll by Moviefone.

Twilight hottie managed to best such movie stars like and from Interview with the Vampire (No. 2 and 8 respectively). Maybe it’s due to the fact that Twilight is opening today and Interview opened back in 1994? Or maybe it’s because Robert’s vamp wasn’t wearing too much makeup? You tell me.


Vin Diesel To Return To XXX

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Vin Diesel is the king of the sequel isn’t he? Every movie he makes becomes a franchise – something that can live on for at least one or two more films. The Fast and the Furious, Pitch Black, XXX and I am sure Babylon A.D are the few I can think of right off the top of my head.


While Vin opted out of the 2005 sequel XXX: State of the Union, he is set to make the third. Diesel and original director Rob Cohen are in talks to reunite for XXX: The Return of Xander Cage. The writing team responsible for Terminator 3 has been handed the job of creating a script, while filming is expected to begin early next year.

I have to confess, I really like Vin on the big screen. I’m not so sure about what sort of range he is capable of. But if you are looking for a good fighting / action movie, that man is always a good bet.