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Young People F*cking Movie Review – 29 August 2008

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Starring: Diora Baird, Carly Pope, Callum Blue, Sonja Bennett, Aaron Abrams
Directed by: Martin Gero
Produced by: Aaron Abrams, Michael Baker (V), Glenn Cockburn
Genres: Art/Foreign and Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr. 30 min.
Release Date: August 29th, 2008 (limited)
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Blowtorch Entertainment, Blowtorch Entertainment

Featuring clever and natural dialogue that is anchored by uniformly impressive performances from the young (mostly) Canadian cast, Young People F*cking is a refreshingly real sex comedy sure to be a cult favourite with many. What makes YPF stand out from the endless parade of soulless sex romps are the embarrassingly accurate observations and organically derived laughs. It struggles only in maintaining its tone as the slice of life insights are unable to carry to weight of an entire narrative.

The film follows the sexual pursuits of five separate pairings (and triplicate) as defined by non-diegetic on screen titles: the friends, the couple, the exes, the first date and the roommates. Each story is unraveled on its own without need to intermingle characters for purpose of connectivity; they are connected thematically, defining an overall dramatic arc and observation about modern relationships.

Best friends Matt and Kris (Aaron Abrams & Carly Pope) decide to take their platonic friendship to f*ckbuddy status. Kris is more comfortable with the arrangement, needing to urge on her friend with booze as he struggles to sexualize his longtime female companion. Amusement is derived from the friendly discussions that arise and honest revelations about how it feels to watch a buddy provide oral sex.

Abby (Kristin Booth) & Andrew (Josh Dean) play the couple, who find themselves in a sexual rut, going through the motions without any real desire. It’s a painfully relatable depiction of long term relationships and the discussion of fantasy screws while Andrew goes down on Abby is absolutely hilarious. Who knew that anything involving Ian Ziering could be laugh-out-loud funny?

The most complex and dramatic story comes from exes Mia & Eric (Sonja Bennett & Josh Cooke). The pair comes together for one last meeting and attempt to revisit a sexual encounter without strings and emotional entanglement. Unsurprisingly, it inspires memories, both fond and unhappy, which make the simple shag that much more complicated and difficult.

The first date segment is an amusing look at male/female manipulation and power struggles as Ken (Callum Blue) tries to get into Jamie’s (Diora Baird) pants by convincing her that he’s not interested in a one night stand. The mismatched dynamic and unique neuroses demonstrated give a needed sense of unfamiliarity to the overall text of the film.

Unsurprisingly, the most overtly comedic storyline involves a sexually liberal couple, Gord & Inez (Ennis Esmer & Natalie Lisinska), who invite Gord’s reserved roommate Dave (Peter Oldring) into the bedroom for a threesome. Dave is initially keen on the idea, until he notices that Gord intends only to observe and narrate the sex act while eating cookie dough. The needed chemistry and awkwardness between the three is what makes this sequence as bizarre and memorable as it proves to be.

If there is one indie comedy to see in the summer of 2008, it is Young People F*cking. Giving the genre a much-needed kick in the formulaic arse, it proves to be one of the most genuine and true comedies in some time. One would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t find charm and amusement in this movie.

Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic 2008

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Language: Hindi

Release Status and date: Releasing on Jun 27, 2008

Ranbeer Talwar (Saif Ali Khan), one of the country’s top industrialists, is a loner, not out of his free will but just because he lost everyone, he ever loved. Life turns around 360 degrees when he faces the most uncomfortable situation of his life. In a very unusual court verdict, he is to look after four orphan children.
Unfortunately, the orphans hate him and want revenge from him for some reason and Ranbeer cannot meet their eye for certain reasons. The children do not want to live with a man they hate and they go ahead to make it quite evident. Their life together is very unhappy, one day they pray to God for help, and he does help them. He sends his most mischievous, childlike, lovable angle to the rescue, with a mission to bring Ranbeer and the kids together.
Geeta (Rani Mukherjee) comes cycling down a rainbow… and bursts into Ranbeer’s house as the self-proclaimed new nanny. And then starts the roller coaster ride of fun, emotions, magic and love.
An angel who doesn’t know what love is, A man who always lost love, 4 orphans who need love all come together to bring you a film with fun, excitement, masti, tears, magic and love truly…
…Thoda Pyar, Thoda Magic!

The Last Mistress (2008)

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Starring: Asia Argento, Fu’ad Ait Aattou, Roxane Mesquida, Anne Parillaud, Amira Casar, Lio, Yolande Moreau, Claude Sarraute, Michael Lonsdale, Caroline Ducey
Director: Catherine Breillat

Also Known As: An Old Mistress Une Vieille Maitresse
Production Status: In Production/Awaiting Release
Genres: Art/Foreign, Drama and Adaptation
Running Time: 1 hr. 55 min.
Release Date: June 27, 2008 (limited)
Production Co.: Flach Film, CB Films (France), France 3 Cinema, Studio Canal, Buskin Film
Financiers: Studio Canal, Centre National de la Cinematographie (CNC), TPS Star
Filming Locations: Paris, France

Produced in: Italy
Official site:

For some mysterious reason, Catherine Breillat’s newest film, The Last Mistress, was chosen as the Opening Night Feature for the 51st San Francisco International Film Festival. It’s probably the same mysterious reason that caused most critics to praise Breillat’s intolerable Fat Girl (2001). It’s a reason I’ll never understand. I usually love filmmakers who tackle their personal demons in film, but Breillat is different in several ways. She’s a nutcase who doesn’t admit to her personal demons so much as she tries to analyze them (self-analysis is always a bad idea). She raises the intellectual (or pretentiousness) level of her films rather than wallowing bodily in anything (her films have lots of sex, but it’s cold and judgmental). And through it all, her films seem to have a kind of punishing contempt for everyone, her characters, critics and audience included.

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Red Roses and Petrol June 13 2008 (limited)

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Red Roses and Petrol

Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Olivia Tracy, Heather Juergensen, Max Beesley, Susan Lynch, Greg Ellis, Catherine Farrell, Aubrey Morris, Robert Easton, Sean Lawlor

In theaters 6/27/2008

Director: Tamar Hoffs

Genres: Art/Foreign and Drama

Running Time: 1 hr. 37 min.

Distributors: World Wide Motion Pictures

Produced by: Joshua Hoffs, Susanna Hoffs, Gail Wager Stayden

Amid a haze of cigarette smoke and uneaten food, the family of Enda Doyle gathers in Dublin for his wake. A university librarian, poet, and complicated man, he has left behind a trail of unresolved issues, a dysfunctional family, and a disturbing mystery. Enda’s dazed widow, Moya, anxiously prepares for the next day’s funeral with her still stuck-at-home, twenty-something daughter Medbh, lending a loving hand. Moya’s desperation to keep her family together and Medbh’s sharp tongue provide the backdrop for the arrival from New York of headstrong older sister Catherine, with her handsome but awkward boyfriend Tom in tow. They doubt that London-based Johnny, the angry black sheep brother of the family, will appear at all. Sorting through boxes of Enda’s books, the women discover a cache of self-recorded video diaries that might shed light on who Enda Doyle really was. At the funeral, the daughters see a distraught young woman from the university, Helen, rumored to be having an affair with Enda. They’re stunned that she would show up so brazenly at a family gathering for the deceased Enda. Returning home, they find Johnny emerging half-naked from the shower, after a quick tryst with a stewardess he met on his flight from London. A brilliant, wounded slacker, Johnny manages to irritate everyone with his biting and sarcastic recall of the family’s long buried memories. Johnny’s confrontational behavior and bitter assessment of life with father incite the clan into what can only be called unchecked family therapy. Throughout the ensuing arguments, which reach a fevered pitch as the family gets inebriated waiting for guests to arrive for the wake, much is learned about the powerful and ambiguous force that was Enda Doyle.