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Starring: Heather Graham, Tom Ellis, Mia Kirshner, Jeremy Sheffield and Will Mellor.
Directed by: Eric Styles.

I know screen stars are taking time out from their charmed lives in droves lately for twin births, like the fertility pills responsible for them are about to be phased out. But can we knock it off already with the mandatory mommy movies?
Following on the heels of the odious Knocked Up, And Then Came Love and now Baby Mama, where successful career women settle for jerks or sperm banks just to have babies to die for, is Eric Styles’ Miss Conception, which hysterically (as in hysteric) mulls all of those fertility options above, and more. C’mon you romantic comedy guy filmmakers, it’s just not funny. Or particularly romantic.
Heather Graham is Georgina, a giddy when not nervous wreck thirtysomething Brit with her very own construction company, but no babies, alas. When her longtime filmmaker boyfriend Zak (Tom Ellis) freaks at the thought of fatherhood and refuses to stop wearing condoms to bed (condoms, for live-in lovebirds?), she balks and he departs.
With lots of emotional support from best girlfriend lawyer and self-styled anti-motherhood advocate Klem (Mia Kirshner), Georgina visits a fertility clinic. To her dismay, she learns that hereditary premature menopause has left her with a single unfertilized egg of her own, and she has a mere matter of days to get the deed done. So that frantic expedition is on for a prospective baby daddy – gay, anonymous or otherwise – with Georgina seemingly exhausting the London telephone directory.
You know a movie’s in trouble when there’s a whole lot more chemistry and emotional depth between those girlfriends, than with Georgina and her uncooperative mate or any or all of those potential suitor studs. Not to mention Heather excessively and a bit creepily hamming it up like a kid on a sugar spree, whenever she anticipates that she’s about to be serendipitously laid. And will anyone who ever heard of a fertility clinic that can determine the presence of a single remaining egg – unless that clinic is run by an ex-nuthouse inmate posing as a doctor – please raise your hand.
There’s also a really tasteless depiction of a dumb as heck workingclass guy – one of upper class Georgina’s mulled prospects – that speaks volumes about the intimated class bias of the movie. Miss Conception, an ideal title to describe this thoroughly wrongheaded storyline. (review

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Tom Cruise’s Latest Film Pushed Back

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Things seem to have just gone south after all those people were injured on the set of Valkyrie. And the film just hit another roadblock. Its release got pushed back until 2009.

Tom Cruise is on a roll here! His last movie Lions for Lambs grossed only $15 million. Long gone are the days of Tom being able to create a blockbuster. His best saving grace would be to put Suri in something.

Top 25 Best Soundtracks

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2008 Top 10 Summer Movies List pt2 (5-1)

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One more review: Superhero Movie

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Superhero MovieIt ain’t high art and it sure isn’t “brilliant filmmaking,” but the arrival of Craig Mazin’s Superhero Movie is actually a (small) cause for (minimal) celebration. And here’s why: Over the last few years, the word “spoof” has become synonymous with the phrase “wretched non-movie.” One need only pick through titles like Date Movie, Epic Movie, The Comebacks and Meet the Spartans to see that the spoof movie is one good place to hide if you’re very lazy. Just about every movie freak I know was skeptical of Superhero Movie because they’ve been burned too often by this sort of schtick — but I’m pleased to note that Superhero Movie actually represents a (slight) upswing for the oft-maligned sub-genre. It’s sure as hell no Airplane! — but it sure as hell isn’t Date Movie, either. Continue reading

Run, Fat Boy, Run

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Run, Fat Boy, RunIn David Schwimmer’s directorial debut, Dennis (Simon Pegg) leaves his pregnant fiancee Libby (Thandie Newton) at the altar because of cold feet. Five years later, Dennis discovers that Libby has moved on with a successful American (Hank Azaria). The news makes Dennis realize Libby really is his one true love. To show he has changed and can complete things, he commits to finishing the Nike-River Run in London, a 26-mile marathon. Overweight and with little hope, Simon sets out to prove he is more than a living punch line.

MPAA Rated PG-13 for some rude and sexual humor, nudity, language and smoking.

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Top 10 Giant Movie Monsters

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 Top 10 Giant Movie Monsters.

Are you affraid? 🙂