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Baghead movie release 25 July 2008

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Main Cast       Ross Partridge, Steve Zissis, Jett Garner
Director     Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass
Screenwriter     Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass
Distributor     Sony Pictures Classics
Trailer     Click Here for Trailer
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Imagine something Blair Witch Project-y, but that was also mostly comedic.

Then, sort of, you’d have Baghead. Four struggling writers/actors (played by a bunch of, you guessed it, struggling writers/actors) spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods determined to write their own movie starring themselves. Relationship dynamics are explored via the majority of the dialogue, but things take a turn for the weird when a mysterious person with a paper bag over their head begins to make various appearances during the weekend. Is this a horror/comedy, or a comedy/horror?

Written and directed by Jay and Mark Duplass (no, you haven’t heard of anything they’ve done, either), Baghead has been making the festival rounds, premiering at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and was picked up for limited release by Sony Pictures Classics.

Main summer blockbuster

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The Dark Knight is a long awaited and a pretty sad premier. The follow-up to 2005’s hit Batman Begins, The Dark Knight is said to prove to be one of 2008’s highest grossing summer blockbusters. The Dark Knight is on starting July 18.

returns to take on the Joker and Two-Face, two of the comic’s most brutal and unpredictable villains. The film is worth watching because of several reasons and one of them is that it’s the last film (The Joker) starred in before he prematurely died in January this year.

Sadly, Heath is not with us any longer. But he will asways remain in our hearts.

Among other July 18th big movie premieres there are:

Mamma Mia! is a stage musical based comedy with a really all-star cast. Meryl Streep is the mama, and , Colin Firth or Stellan Skarsgard might be the daddies in this movie about a bride’s search for her real dad. The film is set to ABBA music. But that’s not the main reason I wanna see it. The real worthwhile reason is Maryl Streep’s acrobatic feats. She’s 59, I wish I’ll be able to do such things when I’m 59.

The film seems like fun. At least the play has always been a success.

Space Chimps is a talking-monkey comedy about Ham III who comes from a proud lineage of chimp astronauts, and who is the prime candidate for a special mission for an opportunity-seeking Senator. His mission involves taking down an evil overlord of a far-away planet.

The comedy features the voices of Patrick Warburton, Cheryl Hines, and Kristen Chenoweth.