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May movie – Charlie Bartlett is released 9th May

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Charlie Bartlett

Expelled from yet another private school for his blossoming though illegal, entrepreneurial activities, wealthy teenager Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin) finds himself at a regular High School.
His smart, geeky appearance gets him a first day beating from the school bully so his overly medicated mother (Hope Davis) calls in the family psychiatrist to help him out.
An opportunity not to be missed, Charlie sets himself up as the school agony aunt, channeling advice from his psychiatrist direct to his fellow students.
Of course the thing that Charlie wants more than anything else is to be popular, to be liked by everyone.
He thinks that what he is doing is the perfect way to achieve popularity and its not that he’s wrong, its’ just the way he goes about things that is.
His charm, charisma and access to medication soon starts to win him new friends as well as the attentions of the Principal’s daughter, much to the annoyance of the Principal (Robert Downey Jr.) a man battling his own demons.
Charlie’s one man battle against loneliness, angst and the hypocrisy of the modern world inspires everyone, until the day he goes too far.

Starring: Anton Yelchin, Robert Downey Jr., Hope Davis

Charlie Bartlett is released 9th May